Meat Bone Meal

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Meat Bone Meal

Meat bone meal (MBM) or also known as meat and bone meal, is one of the feed ingredients that is the choice of protein source in animal feed (poultry). Meat bone meal is made from meat and bones left over from slaughtering livestock, except for horns, hair, hooves, faeces, blood and contents of the rumen (stomach). According to experts, meat bone meal is widely used as a feed ingredient for ruminants and non-ruminants, such as pigs, poultry and pets. a source of crude protein, ranging from 35 to 55% and a high content of calcium and phosphorus, making it an important feed ingredient for livestock and pets.

Description Section


Based on resources imported from U.S and Argentina. Listed below are the spesifications based on latest result of analysis (RoA). 

0.02% Pepsin Conentration Method

Salmonella dan Shigella Negative at time of production
Particle Size : 97% Pass Thru Us Mesh #10 and 100% Pass Thru US Mesh #7

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